Welcome to Astro Anecdotes

Astronomy; The world of beautiful images of spectacular pieces of our universe, which never ceases to amaze. The world of Hubble Deep Field, The Pillars of Creation, Planets, Black Holes, Galaxies, you name it.

Also the world of mind-blowing discoveries made by highly trained scientists, unraveling  new aspects of our world. gravitational lensing, supernova explosions, the expanding universe, exoplanets and a never ending list of impressive scientific discoveries.

This is how most people know astronomy and astrophysics. But astronomy is also a world of ad hoc solutions, bizzare fixes using whatever was available at the time, “discoveries” and strange incidents in remote corners of the world. Stories that are normally just passed around by word of mouth. This site is an attempt to collect and publish these stories, showing “the other side” of astrophysics, which will hopefully make you both laugh and think.

The site could not have happened without the input from a large number of people in astronomy, who were willing to share their experiences, or point me to places where I could aquire more details about some of the stories. This has made the project so much more fun! Your contributions, from small corrections to some stories, to elaborate details and photos from others, has helped get this project off the ground. I couldn’t have done it without you. I am excited and grateful for this, and hope that you will all continue to share your stories. Thank you all, you people are awesome! To the rest of you there’s just left to say;

Welcome to Astro Anecdotes.


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